Here are a few frequently asked photo booth rental questions.

Do I have to have a 4 hour rental?

Absolutely not. Our all inclusive rental packages are priced by the hour with a minimum rental fee of 2 hours. But each event is different so let us know what you are looking for and we'll do our best to accommodate. 

Is set up and break down included?

Yes? This question can be interpreted differently. So let me just tell you how we operate. We like to come set up the photo booth an hour prior to the start of the rental and then not break down until the end of the rental period. If an hour early isn't enough, let us know so we can schedule accordingly. 

Do you recommend idle time?

For certain events we do, specifically weddings. The typical wedding reception can last 4+ hours but that doesn't mean you need the photo booth open the entire time. Other than the lovely couple, what do most people come to a wedding reception for? FOOD!!! During that meal hour we recommend you shut the booth down (and feed us :) while everyone is eating. This will also help your budget since instead of a 4 hour rental you'll actually only need 3 hours.

Do you charge for idle time?

Usually no. We definitely won't charge you an idle time fee if you feed us. That's not a joke :) We will charge an idle time fee of $50 per hour if we need to arrive super early or stay late after the rental period has ended. This applies mainly for venues that are really far away in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do.

How much space does the booth need?

The approximate foot print of the booth is 5'w x 5'w x 8'h. We also bring along our own 2'x4' table to display the props. In an ideal world we would like an area of 5'x10'. We can move the prop table around to accommodate tight quarters but the 5'x5' area is essential for the enclosed booth. And for those with basement ceilings that are just shy of 8', we can drop the booth down an inch or two if needed. We've yet to meet a venue we couldn't work in :)

How soon should we book the photo booth?

The sooner the better. We are equipped to handle last minute bookings, but some dates are very popular and will fill up months in advance. Professional planers are well aware of the busy seasons and can book our services 6 to 18 months out from their event dates. May, June, September, October, and December are our busiest months.

Can you provide our venue a COI?

Definitely! But please don't wait until the night before your event to ask. The COI is venue specific and we'll need to submit a request to our insurance provider.

Have you ever worked here?

Probably. We are closing in on our 1,000th event in the DMV and have worked at many awesome venues. If you need a suggestion on where the booth should go or aren't sure what time we should show up, just ask. We've probably been there and can tell you what's worked best for us in the past.

Have Another Photo Booth Question?

Feel free to give us a call or send us an email. Our number is 571.403.1122 or you can contact us by clicking here. Need help finding an awesome venue? Scroll down to the bottom of our homepage. We have a few venues listed that you can check out.