Our standard Photo Booth Rental Package includes the following:

You Own This Baby For Up To 4 Hours

If four hours isn't enough time for you to strike that winning pose, let us know. We can stay all night long as long as you feed the attendant. Check with us to find out how much cabbage our employees will need to eat each extra hour.  

Unlimited Prints

As many prints as your little heart desires! Ok, really as many as you can take in the 4 hour time frame! You’ll be surprised at our totals! The most in one event was 671! Can you beat it?  

Propaganda... Ok I mean Props!

We carry a fully packed suit case! You wanna be a viking wearing a coconut bra? We've got you covered! No pun intended.

Onsite Staffer...

We will be there to make sure the ship runs smoothly! We will also help get the party started with suggestions, and crazy ideas….

Need To Embarrass Your Friends Every Time They Come Over? How About A Scrapbook.

We take a copy of each strip and place it in a book for you to enjoy after it's all said and done. "Hey Bill, remember that time you wore a glittery paperboy hat and...."

Online Viewing...

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... Well kinda... It will get posted on our online password protected photo gallery to view and share!! Didn't get enough copies of your photos at the event. Download them here for free!

But What About A DVD Of Images? BAM! You Get A DVD Too.

Can't wait to show off that scrapbook of priceless memories but are afraid someone might breath on it wrong. Rest at ease, you can still be the life of any party by popping in a DVD of all your hilarious photos. (DVD player not included)

You Know What's Worth a 1,000 and 1 Words? Videos.

With The Bomb and Party Booths, not only can you make a spectacle of yourself on print, you can do it live on camera. There's nothing better than seeing your closest friends delivering a heart felt message while wearing an over sized bow tie and a fake mustache.

Why Is Everyone Laughing? Because They Are Watching You On T.V.

With The Party Booth, keep eager booth users entertained too with a live digital display of what's going on in the booth. That's right, we can see you.

Want to relive the moment every day when getting that morning cup of orange juice?

We include 50 2"x6" magnetic photo strips frames with each rental. Think you'll need more than fifty for your event? Just let us know...I have a few hundred on my refrigerator at home :)

Plenty More...

AND DON’T FORGET TO ASK about the myriad of ways we have to make your event unique. Most of it’s free and all of it’s fun!


  • - Custom event banner applied to Strip
  • - Customized props and costumes
  • - Personalize the booth for your event
  • - Photo booth scrapbook
  • - Special requests, let us know!