So Who Is This Photo In A Box You Ask?

Photo In a Box was founded in 2009.  It’s a true story of recognizing a problem and turning it into an opportunity situation. My best friend and now co-founder was looking for a cool idea for his wedding, and we thought “Wow, a photo booth rental would be a cool idea”. The problem was that there were very few choices, and the choices that were available were really expensive, and they would nickel and dime you for everything. I felt as if they were the cool kid I was trying to invite to my party when it should have been the other way around!!!

So here we are a few years later through hard work, outstanding product, tremendous customer service, dedication to our guests and their events, and a little luck. We have continued to grow our business and are happy to say, have become a leader in the photo booth rental business.

Our service area has continued to expand over the years, and we now provide portable photo booths to many cities in Pennsylvania, and now we have launched in the Washington, DC and Northern Virginia area providing high quality photo booth rentals!

Photo booth rental has become very popular for weddings, and other events! Our goal is to continue down the same path that has got us to this place, continue to grow, and continue to meet wonderful people!